Audience Reviews 

"A really good new series of documentaries on Canada's actual foreign policy and not the rubbish of 'honest broker', 'peacekeeper', 'middle power' and other such rubbish" 

"It will be controversial but I would like [the docuseries] on the university agenda of our history and political science classes in Canada" 

"Very good docuseries, fantastic voices from Yves Engler, Scott Taylor, Richard Sanders, and even Chomsky's contributions when myth busting are brilliant." 

"Excellent eye opener about our reactionary foreign policy in Canada" 

"The wide-ranging critique of Canadian foreign policy in Truth to the Powerless rests on the development of a genuinely internationalist foreign policy commentariat." 

"Your documentary is a masterpiece for explaining what is Canada" 

"Very much eye-opening episodes prepared by a crew of investigative journalists and activists. Worth donating." 

"A history lesson you never received." 

"Every Canadian needs to see. No matter what part of the political spectrum you are on it is foreign policy that is making our lives worse. We simply have to put everything aside, end the wars, and seek mutually beneficial relations" 

"We grew up thinking Canada was the peacekeeper but this 6 part docuseries reveals a different truth and puts the shock of realizing our current governments are (and have been) tyrannical authoritarian and monstrous into a broader perspective." 

"Thank you for these history lessons. All my illusions about Canada the peacemakers have been shattered. Our schools & institutions sure conspired to keep our cherished delusions alive. Bitter truths to swallow."